Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Claire's last day in TSA INN ...8/28/2008 5:11 pm

Received the e-mail from her ...

Dear Fera,

Today is my last day in TSAI INN. I appreciate your strong spport. It's great to work with you.
I haven't had many chances to talk with you since you concentrated on production arrangement.

You are the person I always admire who is so aggressive, efficient and energetic, always works well even under pressure. I hope I have half of your ability.
I still remember that I sent a e-card to you before Idul Fitri in 2006 and you gave me a huge feedback and even prayed for me. You are such a kind person!

I leave TSA INN but this is not the end of our friendship. You can still contact me by my personal e-mail address:
lait88@yahoo.com.tw (e-mail & MSN) anytime!

By the way, I have seen your blog, you're awesome for the cake decoration!!!
I hope all your dreams will come true. Your deserve it!

Keep in touch!

Best regards,

And I reply the e-mail

Dear Claire...honey

It an honor for me to know this. Thank you...thank you ...thank you very much !!!

and Happy birthday !!!...I'm not sending you a birthday card on last 8 august...cause I don't know where are you...I promise I will visit you if I go to Taiwan. Claire baby, I will also will leave GGG end of next month...so many story between you and me...you give me delicious noodle when me and Ani visit you hahaha...and you was sleep at my home when Gerald born ..how I can forget you.

Yes we will out of our world now...but we still be friendship ...always ...I have add you to my YM so we can contact everyday...

do you know what , once I out from GGG I will take painting course hahaha....you're the person who inspired me ....do you remember last time you give me your pumpkin picture ???..

Claire...may you can get your world..and wait your visit to Indonesia...visit my bakery ...and sit in front of my cake shop ....hahahaha....why not ?..right ?...

I love you sooooo much...remember I will keep updating the blog...don't forget to give some comment as my improvement !!!

I love you Claire....take care...see you tomorrow on your world ...our new world !!!

Here are several pictures which I still keep....when she took vacation to Bali ...

and Cina...
And the picture which I took by my self at Tsa office Taiwan...hehehe

I also still keep the label pictures...yes she order the name label with so many cute pictures...Oh Claire...Good bye from GGG...and Wellcome from Ferris's Kitchen hihihi...


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