Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what I'm bussy at today ?

nge handle pekerjaan yang numpuk emang ga gampang...tapi nge-handle ngurusin gerald belajar huruf sambung lebih ga gampang lagi.
Yup we stay at the same room now...and we bussy with our own home office looks more messy...hahaha...aku ngehandle semua e-mail , cake design and parcel , harus di kirim dalam 3 hari kedepan ...Gerald sibuk ngriwil-ngriwil tangannya biar bisa lentur dalam menulis sambung...sambil mata yang berkaca-kaca

I know that's not easy dear...but you should try it...If you think I'm too hard to you's just because I love you and I care about you ......remember This your lovely mama 100% believe that you can do it !!...


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